Bedlington Terrier

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Originally bred as a hunting dog for rats, otters, badgers, rabbits and foxes, and was also bred as a racing dog. The Bedlington Terrier was named after the Northumbrian mining town where the breed was incepted in the 1800’s, but is now mostly known as a companion dog with a sweet, calm and affectionate nature. When given a particular cut and styling the breed can often resemble a lamb due to its fleecy coat and has become very popular as a show dog.

Quick Facts About the Bedlington Terrier

Lifespan of a Bedlington Terrier

14 to 15 Years

Wither Height of the Bedlington Terrier

Male and Female  15 to 17 inches  or   38 to 43cms

Weight of a Bedlington Terrier

Male  and Female 18 to 23lbs  or 8 to 10kgs

Average Price of a Bedlington Terrier

In the USA prices range from $1500 to $2500 although in exceptional cases for prize breeding some dogs fetch as much as $5000
In the UK these dogs are about £500 to £1500.

What Breed type is the Bedlington Terrier

This dog is classified as a Terrier.

Is the Bedlington Terrier Hypoallergenic?


What does the Bedlington Terrier look like?

Because these dogs often come in white their linty coat can give the appearance of a lamb.

Bedlington Terrier Lamb Lookalike
A lamb in disguise as a Bedlington Terrier?
Bedlington Terrier Side View
Owners often cut the hair on the head to make the dog resemble a lamb.

The head is often described as pear shaped, slender but rounded at the top with deep set almond shaped eyes under triangular ears that flap down with round tips to finish.

The nose is long, angular and slender over a shallow long lower jaw making the teeth seem large.

Bedlington Terrier

The neck is long slender leading to a deep chest over thin straight legs. The back arches into a narrow waist over slim curved rear legs which are longer than the front legs which adds to the arching of the back.

The feet front and back are large considering the slenderness of the legs.

The tail is thick at the base tapering sharply becoming long and whippy, usually held down, often dropping between the legs to face toward the front of the dog.

The Bedlington Terrier has a double coat of hard and soft hair which is firm and bouncy to the touch and stands out from the skin, making the dog appear fluffy.

Bedlington Terrier Unclipped
This Bedlington is UNclipped and does NOT have the domed headpiece

Although the dog appears white or grey the colours are described as sandy or blue, liver, blue and tan, sandy and tan, and liver and tan. The Tan markings can appear above the eyes, on the chest, down the legs and covering the rear.

History of the Bedlington Terrier

The origin of the Bedlington Terrier is a little controversial in its true history as it is beleived to originate from the Hanny Hills area of Northumberland, namely the mining town of Bedlington and also from the the town of Rothbury.

I believe that the breeds of Bedlington and Rothbury are the same but the Bedlington name is the one that stuck. Originally crossbred from a Rough Scotch Terrier a Northumberland Fox Terrier with a whippet also bred in, the breed is closely related to the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and the Otterhound.

The breed is credited to Joseph Ainsley from the 18th Century. Joseph was a resident of Bedlington, hence this is probably why the Bedlington name stuck.

Temperament of the Bedlington Terrier

These dogs generally have a playful, happy affectionate nature, occasionally becoming stubborn or even wilful if not controlled.

Training at an early age will dissipate any bad habits as will socialisation with other household pets.

These soft gentle good natured dogs can have a serious side to them though if threatened by other dogs which is why socialization is important. Despite their lean build these dogs are quite powerful and as with all terriers will fight (quite ferociously) when challenged or cornered by other dogs.

Bedlington Terrier 2 As Pirate

Great family protectors they are very fast runners, great swimmers and enthusiastic diggers, yet they will sit with you for hours glowing in any attention you should fuss upon them.

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