What is a Dorgi dog?

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The Dorgi dog is a cross between a Dachshund and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

This hybrid mix was born when one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis called Tiny mated with a Dachshund called Pipkin, belonging to her sister, Princess Margaret. Clearly happy with the result, the sisters bred more Dorgis. These included Cider, Berry, Vulcan and Candy, who belonged to the Queen, and Rum, who belonged to Margaret.

Dorgi 2

Over the years, the Queen had at least ten Dorgis, the others being named Brandy, Chipper, Harris, Pickles, Piper and Tinker.

Dorgis have a short coat in a variety of colours ranging from gold to brown to black.

Dorgi 1
Royal Dorgis and Corgis

Like many hybrid mix dogs their appearance is not fixed, although Dorgis do tend to have the Dachshund’s body and the Corgi head, and just looks cute.

As we have highlighted before one problem with small dogs that have long backs is that they can be sensitive to knocks on their backs, creating health problems for them.

As such they are not best-suited as family dogs for families with very young children. They are though really good companion dogs and great watchdogs.

Dorgi Temperament

The Dorgi is a loyal attentive and loving little dog that is just as comfy running around the garden chasing balls or sitting by your side, at your feet or even on your lap.

They love a fuss, enjoy being groomed (even though they don’t need it) and have comical playful characteristics with the occasional mischievous streak.

An ideal dog for young children as they will be happy being dressed up and interested in games that kids will play both indoor and out.

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