The Fox Terrier Smooth and Fox Terrier Wire. Are they the same dog?

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One Dog, but Two Breeds

There are two different breeds of Fox Terrier, the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Wire Fox Terrier.

Both descend from the UK in the 19th century, bred from a handful of dogs who came from other varieties of British terriers. This breeding led to other Terriers such as the Jack Russell Terrier (UK), Miniature Fox Terrier (USA) and the Rat Terrier (USA).

The Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers share very similar characteristic traits, as well as size. The main differences are the coat of hair and the markings. All were once bred for Fox hunting but the majority are now bred for show dogs of which these guys are often masters of the ring.

The breeding history of these dogs runs back to the 18th Century, however the distinction between wire and Smooth did not really surface until the 19th Century.

Origin: ~ England.
Bred for: ~ Fox Hunting.
Colour: ~ Tri-Colour or white with coloured patches.
Coat: ~ Smooth – Hair is smooth and short. Wire – Hair is short but fluffy and wiry to the touch
Height: ~ 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38cms.
Weight: ~ 15 to 18lbs or 16 to 18kgs.
Lifespan: ~ 12 to 15 years.
AKC Group – Terrier Group.

Wire Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier Wire
Wire Fox Terrier Dog

Fox Terrier Smooth

Fox Terrier Smooth
Fox Terrier Smooth

Both types of Fox Terrier have mostly white coats with coloured markings and have very similar body frame and facial characteristics. They are for all intents the same dog except for difference in coats and the variations in colouration and markings.

Markings on both types can appear black at birth on the head, but then lighten later in adult life, the most common colours being that of tan and black.

The Fox Terrier has been more successful than any other breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, with four Best in Show titles going to the Smooth Fox Terrier and fourteen titles going to the Wire Fox Terrier

They were both shown as one breed with two coat variations until in 1985 when the American Kennel Club listed the Wire and the Smooth as two separate breeds. At the Crufts Show in the UK, the Smooth Fox Terrier has yet to win any Best in Show titles, while the Wire Fox Terrier has won on three occasions.

Descendant Breeds of the Fox Terrier

Whist these two breeds are occasionally argued over as to whether they are the same dog what’s not in doubt is the worldwide descendance they have that follows them.

Their onward mixed breeding worldwide has led to a number of other fully accepted breeds within the AKC and other world renowned kennel clubs. These are:-

  • The Brazilian Terrier Brazil
  • The Chilean Rat Terrier Chile
  • The Jack Russel Terrier England
  • The Japanese Terrier Japan
  • The Miniature Fox Terrier Australia
  • The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz Spain
  • The Rat Terrier USA
  • The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier USA
  • The Tenterfield terrier Australia
  • The Toy Fox Terrier USA

Whatever your opinion these dogs have the same genetics and come from the same original breeding terriers in the 18/19th Century ands have a very large decadency.

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