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Here we look at a variety of heat sources for your kennel, you will find some links to specific products within the descriptions and at the bottom of the page, just click the various links to get more detailed information and to show you where you can buy them.

Heated Dog Beds/Mats

One of the easiest solutions and seeming for heating any space and well liked by many dogs is the HEAT MAT or Heated Dog Bed.

They come in a variety of sizes and many of them have washable covers.

There are a number brands available, one of our favourites is the K&H Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed.

It’s hard to find a soft outdoor bed that’s also heated, and this deluxe version works great for dog houses, garages, porches, barns or anywhere in the home.

The dual thermostats are designed to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature of 102 degrees when they lie on the bed, even in the coldest weather. Your pet will enjoy maximum comfort with the soft faux fleece cover and cushioned bolster that doubles up as a comfy headrest.

There’s no need to worry about energy drain either, because this bed is extremely energy efficient, consuming very little energy.

Key Benefits

  • Super comfy faux fleece for a soft bed with a cushioned bolster for maximum comfort and has a plump, cushy bolster for added comfort.
  • Dual thermostats are designed to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature of 102 degrees, even in the coldest weather, to keep your pet warm and snug.
  • Great for outdoor dog houses, porches, garages, barns, or in the home.
  • Easy-to-clean, just remove the faux fleece cover and wash on the gentle cycle with cold water and hang to dry on use the no-heat cycle on your dryer.
  • Features a 5.5-foot steel wrapped cord and is MET Listed for safety.

What’s Included(4) bolster liners, (1) bolster cover, (1) heated orthopaedic bed

Take a look here at the K&H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad & Cover

Heated Kh Dog Bed
Beds and Mats come in a variety of sizes the prices start at about $40 and can be as much as up to $200.

The Next Easy Option is

Heat Panels for Kennels

Another very easy and cheap way of heating a kennel space is to use Panel Heaters. They take up minimal space, can be used in kennels, garages and other enclosed spaces and they are cheap to run. You can have them freestanding or you can fix them to a wall.

The One We Like

Cozy Pet Warmer heating panel. This low-wattage panel-heater operates in a safe way to keep your pets warm without turning your living room into a sauna. That’s because it works using radiant heat, not intense heat, creating warmth and a snug space for animals who sit or stand right next to it.Ideal for senior pets, puppies or kittens, the Cozy Pet Warmer uses only 200 watts—that’s just 13 percent of the energy a standard space heater uses!Most importantly, it’s a certified zero-clearance item, which means it can be mounted directly onto your walls or fit into tight spaces without causing a fire hazard. With two heat settings to create the ultimate cozy corner, you just might save energy, save money and go green all at once!Panel Heater Flat

Key Benefits

  • This flat-panel indoor heater helps to keep your pets warm throughout the winter, or whenever they need additional warmth.
  • Utilizes only 200 watts, which may lower the risk of overheating and help to keep energy costs low.
  • Uses radiant heat to warm animals who sit nearby, plus allows you to customize with two temperature settings.
  • Certified zero-clearance to minimize fire hazard, using only 13% of the energy required by a space heater.
  • It’s versatile and portable, which means you can move it around with ease.

Take a closer look at the panels here 

Panel Heater

Heat Lamps For Puppies and Dogs

Heat lamps are widely used to keep animals warm from the farm to the local pet shop, but what does a dog specifically require? The heat required inside your dog house can be seen here.

To give you an idea of where you might want to start, a 250-watt lamp can emit up to around 90 degrees of heat. Depending on what kind of insulation your dog kennel has, you may need more or less wattage.

No matter you should be able to regulate the heat preferably with a thermostatat all times to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe.

Lamp Colour

Generally, heat lamp bulbs and emitters come in red, white, or black. The colour depends on whether the bulb is ceramic, halogen, or incandescent.

Black ceramic bulbs usually produce the most heat and are ideal for reptile aquariums.

White bulbs are commonly used to warm farm animals, like baby chicks or other small animals.

Red infrared bulbs are some of the most common heat bulbs that dog owners use because they produce a gentle amount of heat and are great for small spaces, like dog houses. They are also proven safe for humans as they are now being used in saunas.

For a look at a range of differing available lamps flick to Easy Lightbulbs.

One of our favourites is the  150W 110V Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

Ceramic Infra Red Emitter

These heat lamps can be used with any of the reptile clamp lamps making fitting them easy, just remember to keep them out of reach of any puppies.

Zilla Reflective Dome For Infra Red Ceramic

Ideally if you are using this system in an enclosed space such as a kennel then this system should be controlled using the Digital Thermostat Controller  such as those for Seed Germination and Reptiles Houses for less than $40.

I have chosen this mix of products for you because these heater products are backed by reputable manufacturers, they are cost and energy-efficient. They are ideal for outdoor or indoor kennels.

It creates fast infrared heat to keep your dog feeling warm and cozy all night long. It’s well priced and extremely energy efficient because of its Ni-Cr Alloy resistance wire.

Plus points:-

Affordably priced
Does not emit light
Fast infrared heat
Waterproof design
Ni-Cr Alloy resistance wire for 24 hours of constant heating and 10,000 hours of overall running time.

Negative points:-

Not ideal for small areas or young puppies unless you use a thermostat.
Danger of scalding as this unit can remain hot for up to an hour after turning off.


When it comes to heating your dog kennel, you will find a wide choice of heaters and heat lamps that could prove ideal. These are available from many online retailers, and you can easily find something to suit your budget. However, you need to ensure you look at quality and safety in addition to price.

More Information to Consider

The Wattage of a Heat Lamp

In general terms the higher the wattage the more heat the lamp is capable of producing. Buy one that is too small and the kennel will never be warm enough on a cold winters day. Too large and it will be too hot, which is why a thermostat addition is a must.

The Quality

It is very important to ensure you invest in quality when it comes to products such as this. Your dog’s safety is paramount, which is why you need a high-quality heating that meets British or US safety standards. A good quality lamp will usually have a wire guard, cheap ones don’t always have them which can lead to skin or hair burns or breakages if positioned incorrectly.

The Cost of the Product

For many people, the cost is a very important consideration, particularly for those on a tight budget. With a heat lamp you need to consider the extras that you may need to go with the heat lamp. Remember it cannot be stressed enough that you should never compromise on safety and quality simply to get the cheapest price, as this could prove to be dangerous.

The Cost of Running

Also associated with your budget is the cost of running the heat lamp. Many of these products can be inexpensive to run, which means that you won’t be paying out money hand over fist in order to keep your dog warm and comfortable. There are also options for lamp holders with good reflections which help reduce the costs of running heat lamps, you can get an idea of running costs online.

Consumer Reviews

Looking at online consumer reviews can make it far easier for you to make an informed choice when purchasing a heat lamp for your dog kennel. By looking at reviews from other dog owners, you can find out more about the effectiveness, safety, ease of installation, and quality of the product. You can also gain more information about running costs and overall suitability by reading these reviews. This makes it far easier for you to purchase with total confidence.

Warranty Offered

One more thing to check is whether you get a warranty with the heat lamp you are considering purchasing. This makes it easier to enjoy protection and peace of mind with this type of purchase, as any issues can be ironed out without delay. So, before you make your choice, check to see what sort of warranty is offered by the manufacturer.

The Manufacturer

You should also look at the manufacturer of the heat lamp to ensure it is a reputable one that you are confident purchasing from. If you are not familiar with the manufacturer, do some research online to find out more about their experience, expertise, and reputation within the industry.

All of the above are important factors that you need to take into considerations when you are purchasing a heat lamp for your outdoor kennel. You will find an excellent range of products via online sites such as Amazon, which makes it easier to find and purchase the ideal one for your needs and the needs of your pet.

Making Your Choice of Kennel Heat Lamp

When it comes to making your choice from among the various different heat lamps available, you should take the time to do some research. It is very important to select the right heat lamp based on factors such as the size of the kennel, your budget, the size of your pet, and the quality of the product.

Before you make any decisions with regards to which of the heat lamps to opt for, it is always advisable to see what others have to say about them. This will enable you to make a more informed choice with regards to the product you invest your money in.

Once you have made your choice, you can place your order with speed and ease online, and you can get it delivered right to your door. With instructions provided, you then simply need to install the heat lamp for your pet to start looking forward to increased warmth and comfort.

One thing you need to do when it comes to the dog’s kennel is to make sure that it is at the right temperature for comfort and warmth. Ideally, the kennel’s temperature should sit between 10 degrees and 26 degrees for optimal comfort. You should also ensure that there is some ventilation to circulate fresh air. Purchasing or building an insulated kennel will further assist when it comes to temperature control, so this is also something worth considering.

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