Is the Drever a dog and if so what kind?

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Drever’s are a small hunting dog from Sweden with their ancestry coming from German Scent Hounds. A medium sized dog with a long body, short legs and a very keen sense of smell, they were often used to hunt deer or drive game for hunters, often in packs.

They are still used for some hunting but a few are now being used as scent dogs for such things as drug busting.

Drever Dog
Drever Dog – Scent Hound

Origin: ~ Sweden.
Bred for: ~ Hunting, driving game, Scent Hound.
Colour: ~ Any colour generally with white patches.
Coat: ~ Hair is smooth and short.
Height: ~ 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38cms.
Weight: ~ 35 to 40lbs or 16 to 18kgs.
Lifespan: ~ 12 to 15 years.
AKC Group – Foundation Stock Service.

What is a Drever Dog?

The Drever dog is essentially a pack hound with a high prey drive suitable for hunting or driving game. Unlike the Beagle which runs full speed and howls, this hunting dog was not bred for speed, but rather it was bred for its ability to tenaciously stalk its quarry.

Its primary purpose when bred was to hunt roe deer. When hunting deer the dog needs to be able to steadily drive the deer in a certain direction as opposed to just chasing them down.

The deer are often hunted in the snow and for safety the dogs can hardly bolt when the ground underfoot may be hazardous. It can also be difficult to track a scent in such conditions and these dogs are excellent scent trackers.

This medium sized scent hound has a very good stamina and has become popular with hunters in northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Drever’s hail from the Westphalian Dachsbracke after it was bought to Sweden from Germany in 1910, after selective a breeding program it was recognised as its own breed by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1947.

A medium-sized dog with short legs and a surprising amount of energy and stamina for a small dog. But the Drever is a tenacious and talented hunting dog known for his keen sense of smell for prey and strong partnership work ethic doing very well in groups or packs.

Drever 2

Is the Drever a good family dog?

Recently some people have taken Drever’s as a home dog. If you are a family that is active in your daily routines and are good at handling a dog that has a high prey drive then this little hound can be very rewarding.

They are very loyal to their family group, so if you are content to be his pack leader and spend plenty of time outside then this could be a great little dog for you and your family. They are good socialisers with other dogs and humans but no so good with the neighbours cat.

They are attentive, playful and always keen to walk. Good healthy dogs with a keen interest in what you are doing. Just remember to work on your recall or keep a long leash handy.

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