Anti Gulp Dog Bowls

Anti Gulp Dog Bowls are designed to help you feed your dog in a way that slows them down. This can reduce sickness, wind, and can be fun for your dog as well.

In our case we use these slow feeders as they are also called, as a way to help the smaller dogs eat without interference from bigger or faster eaters (watch the video).

If your dog suffers from smelly wind or sickness after eating then sometimes using anti gulp feeders can help reduce this.
Watch how effective some of these slow feed bowls are.

Here we have feeding bowls to slow feeding

An Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Available at Pets at Home UK or The Wild Pet Stores USA

Outward Hound Fun Feeder helps to slow fast feeders and makes food eating a challenge.
Available at Pets at Home UK or The Wild Pet Store USA

No matter what size your dog is slow or anti gulp feeders can help.

Anti Gulp Bowl
Available at Pets at Home UK

These bowls have rubber bottoms to help stop them from sliding around the floor and are all flat bottomed to avoid the bowls tipping.