The Danish-Swedish Farmdog, what dog is it?

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This is a lively, alert and intelligent little dog that loves attention. Now very much a family lap dog this native Scandinavian breed was historically a farming dog used for hunting and keeping yards free of vermin.

Origin: ~ Denmark and Southern Sweden.
Bred for: ~ Farming companion, Ratter and Guard dog.
Colour: ~ Dominantly White with patches of various colours to include Black, Tan, Yellow, Brown, Badger and Fawn.
Coat: ~ Hair is smooth and short, harsh to touch.
Height: ~ 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38cms.
Weight: ~ 15 to 25lbs or 6.8 to 11kgs.
Lifespan: ~ 10 to 15 years.
AKC Group – Foundation Stock Service.

About the Danish-Swedish Farmdog

The Danish–Swedish Farmdog became a recognized breed in both Denmark and Sweden in 1987. The two countries had got together to agree on the correct name of the breed as well as the breeds standard.

For many years the farm dog was known by many local names such as “Rat dog”, “Skrabba”, “Rattenhund”, and the “Skaneterrier”. This was obviously confusing to outsiders and in order to “Show the Dog” a standard had to be agreed.

Serving many purposes as guard dogs, hunting dogs and rat catchers on farms because it had a high prey drive this fast intelligent dog also made an excellent companion dog for farmers and families alike.

Danish Swedish Farmdog2
Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are active fun seeking dogs

Original origins of the Danish-Swedish Farmdog are unknown, but it has been around the Scandinavian area for several hundred years. Some believe it may have genetic roots with the Jack Russell Terrier, the Fox terrier and the Pinscher.

This dog needs activity and exercise aplenty and makes an ideal dog for young families or those families that are active.

Danish Swedish Farmdog

Generally a healthy breed they have few health issues but occasionally you will have a problem with patellar luxation, hip dysplasia and more commonly dental problems.

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