What is an Alopekis Dog?

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Described as Fox-like in appearance this is an ancient breed of dog with a pleasant nature and a fierce loyalty to its owners or trainers. Known to be obedient, devoted, athletic, confident, outgoing, intelligent, and friendly you have to wonder why it has not become a well known breed. Originally used as working dogs and also bred as domestic dogs in Greece this breed of dog is not well known (except in Greece) and is not recognised by the major kennel clubs yet, historically they are mentioned as far back as the writings of Aristotle. If ever there was a breed that has missed out on its recognition this is probably that dog.

Quick facts about the Alopekis

Lifespan of the Alopekis

12 to 15 years and occasionally more.

Alopekis Height at the Withers

Female: 9-12 inches or 23 to 30cms
Male: 10-13 inches or 25 to 33cms

Weight of an Alopekis

Female: 7 to 17lbs or 3 to 8kgs
Male: 8 to 18lbs to 3.5 to 8kgs

Price of an Alopekis

These dogs are not KCC or AKC registered so appear cheap at present.
Guide price is $300 to $550 or around £250 to £400.

Are Alopekis Hypoallergenic?

No, these dogs come in a smooth coat and a wiry coat but it is a 2 layered coat which will give way to moulting.

What does an Alopekis Dog look like?

This dog has a small slender stature, with lively intelligent eyes set into a triangular and oval shaped head with a tapered nose. The ears can be erect or lay forward flatly. The neck appears broad because the head is so slender.

Alopekis Front Face

The shoulders appear powerful with broad width to the front legs across a flat chest.

Alopekis Side View Medium Coat

The is long and slender with a slight dip after the withers rising slowly to the loin area. The body is generally slender with the back legs having a narrower gait than the front. The tail is long and slender but usually fluffy in appearance.
Colours are extremely varied and the dog can have a number of differing appearance due to the fact that the double coat comes in short, medium and long lengths and is either flat and slightly coarse or the longer coat is wiry with soft ends.

Alopekis With Cubs White
White Alopekis with cubs

Characteristics of an Alopekis

This charming dog can be a faithful companion making an ideal Lap Dog for young and elderly alike. Eager to please entertain their owners these highly intelligent dogs with an aptitude for learning, socialising and playing making it an ideal dog for young children as they grow, and will also have the stamina to keep up with the children for long periods of play.
They tend to be very protective of family and property and may need a firm hand when dealing with strangers or anyone or thing that the dog perceives as a threat.
The hunting instincts of these dogs is still quite strong, so as with terriers these dogs will happily go ratting or will dart off at amazing speed if they see what they consider to be quarry.
The Greek phrase for this dog is “polla en smikro” which means “many things in a small package” and I think that this is a very good description of this dogs character and abilities.

*in Greek the phrase is: “polla en smikro,” meaning many things in a small package.


The Alopekis dog would clearly make a great addition to any size family, young or old. It is currently trying to gain status as a recognised breed and there is no reason why it should not attain the accreditations eventually.

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