What is the Cesky Terrier?

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The National dog of the Czech Republic, this small gentle mannered companion dog with a loving manner was originally bred to hunt vermin by the geneticist Dr Frantisek Horak.

Origin: ~ Czechoslovakia – Czech Republic
Bred for: ~ Hunting vermin
Colour: ~ Dark Grey, Grey, Grey & Tan, Grey Blue, Light Brown, Silver and Wheaten.
Height: ~ 10 to 13 inches or 25 to 33cms.
Weight: ~ 14 to 24 lbs or 6 to 11kgs.
Lifespan: ~ 12 to 15 years.
AKC Group – Terrier Group.

The Cesky has a gentle manner with people, but its terrier roots still make it capable of seeing off any vermin that cross its path.

The Cesky Terrier is an attentive and adventurous playmate for kids with an eager nature to please. They enjoy a regular exercise routine and make good walking buddies as they are good both on and off the lead.

Cesky Terrier In Profile
Cesky Terrier
Sealyham Pair
A pair of Sealyham Terriers
Scottie Side View
Scottish Terrier

It can be very difficult to tell the Cesky Terrier apart from the Sealyham and the Scottish terriers. They all appear so very similar in looks .

The Cesky Terrier is quite rare outside of the Czech Republic with less than a 1000 known dogs in the USA and considerably less in the UK.

Recognized for international competition by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1963 the Cesky Terrier is now recognized by all of the major kennel clubs within the English-speaking world. This little Terrier is one of the most rare dog breeds worldwide.

Imported into the US in the 1980s. A group of enthusiasts formed the Cesky Terrier Club of America in 1988. The breed joined the American Kennel Club (AKC) Foundation Stock Service Program from January 1, 2004 allowing it to compete in AKC’s Earth dog tests.

This was when the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association was formed and also recognised by the AKC. It is the club accepted as the parent club by the AKC but, the Cesky Terrier Club of America is the one that remains active in promoting the breed throughout the USA.

From 2011 the Cesky Terrier was allowed to compete with the AKC in the terrier group within America as it was accepted for entry in the AKC Stud Book.

The breed arrived in the UK in 1989 and was recognised by the Kennel Club (UK) in 1990 gaining Rare Breed status in January 2000.

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