What kind of dog is the Lakeland Terrier?

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A former hunting dog the Lakeland Terrier is a master showman in the show ring, a clever and active dog, much under-rated as a family dog, which is a pity as they love entertaining and spending time with children. A very active dog so not one for sitting on your lap all day but for anyone active a great dog for walking and playing games.

Origin: ~ England.
Bred for: ~ Hunting vermin.

Coat: ~ Wiry of medium length.
Colour: ~ Blue, Black, Liver, Red or Wheaten often with a Saddle of Blue, Black, Liver or Grizzle.

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Height: ~ 13.5 to 14.5 inches or 34 to 37cms.

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Weight: ~ 16 to 17 lbs or 7.2 to 7.7kgs.

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Lifespan: ~ 12 to 15 years.

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AKC Group – Terrier Group.

History of the Lakeland Terrier

Throughout the 18th and 19th Century farmers kept Lakeland Terriers along with packs of hounds in order to kill foxes and other animals that were creating problems for them. As fox hunting became more valued for its sporting aspect, the Terriers became more fashionable as a part of the fox hunt.

Lakeland Terrier On A Hilltop
Lakeland Terriers love walking

The dogs from the English lake region gained a good reputation as game hunting dogs. They became recognised as the Lakeland Terriers which actually encompassed their considered birthplace of Cumberland, Cumberland Terrier just did not fit with enough people so Lakeland won the day for the name.

The breed was accepted in 1934 by the AKC when it was registered for competitions. Since then the Lakeland Terrier has been a prominent contender at many shows, combining its consistent dapper looks with its unsurpassed behaviour and showman ship style in the ring.

Does the Lakeland Terrier Make a Good Family dog?

Although a great show dog its popularity as a family dog has never really taken off, maybe because of its hunting history and not one as a family dog.

It does however make a great dog for any active family. It is a clever, patient and fun loving dog that looks forward to the rigours of hillside walking and the rough and tumble of garden play. It is a sensitive dog and loves a cuddle, but it is not one for sitting all day and needs toys, chews or games to keep it occupied.

Lakeland Terrier On A Beach
Lakeland Terriers love to play games

It does have a reasonably high prey drive so early introduction to the family cat is a must, just be wary of the neighbours cat and if you live on a farm or near the countryside this dog is a great ratter, just let it have the run of the yard.

Upkeep and Health

With a moderate exercise program this dog will have few health issues. It will the coat combed out once a week or so and you will need to trim the beard and the punkish hairdo that grows above the nose.

The only common health concern is lens luxation (see our Health Concern Page)

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