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Mick Side Profile

Mick is the author on this site.
Mick is a passionate animal lover who does not like to see animals suffer needlessly, hence rescuing so many animals with his beautiful wife Jan.


Mick has trained with www.thedogtrainer.co.uk who are an exceptionally good team at helping to train dogs with difficult problems from aggression to just being plain scared.

The dogs they have rescued have come from the Dogs Trust, (www.thedogstrust.org.uk ), the westie rescue centre and those that have simply been placed at their door by people who know them and their capabilities.

Having rescued such animals as dogs and chickens to ponies and horses for several years, at the time of writing this they currently they have 3 rescue dogs. 1 Shih Tzu, 1 cross breed terrier (both lapdogs) and a much larger cross between a Staffordshire and an American Bulldog.


They have built this site in an effort to help and inform people who may have questions about dogs in general and to help them make good choices about the specific care needed for Lap Dogs.