What temperature should a dog kennel be?

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As a dog owner, it is only natural that you want your pet to be safe, secure, and comfortable whether indoors or out. If you have a dog kennel outside for your pooch to spend time in, you need to ensure it is right for your dog in terms of size, quality, and comfort. One important element of keeping your dog comfortable in its kennel is to ensure it is kept at the right temperature.

What temperature should a dog kennel be? :-

• For Newborn Puppies up to a week old 85 to 90 deg. Fahrenheit (29 to 32 Celsius)
• For Puppies a week old to one month 72 deg. Fahrenheit (22 deg. Celsius)
• General temperatures for most dogs should be somewhere between 59 to 73 deg. Fahrenheit (15 to 23 deg. Celsius)
• But can be as wide as 50 to 79 deg. Fahrenheit (10 to 26 deg. Celsius) dependent upon the breed and possibly the age.
This means you may need to use both heating and cooling systems and possibly a run, for your dog kennel in order to maintain the ideal temperature for your dog based on the time of year.

Use a Thermostat or Temp. Gauge

For the best method a temperature gauge or thermostat should be fitted in the kennel that communicates directly to the heating source such as heat lamps, radiators, etc. (see below for a variety of options) ensuring that the temperature remains between the minimum and maximum levels.

Paw On Radiator
Set the correct temperature

Failure to do this could easily cause discomfort and can pose health risks for your pet, so make sure you keep the temperature in check, preferably automatically, so that adjustments can be made accordingly.

What can you put in a dog house to keep it warm?

When it comes to keeping your dog kennel and your pet warm, there are various types of heating products you can use. These include: –

Heat Lamps
Tubular Heaters
Heated Mats or Pads
Air Circulating or Ceramic Heaters

More detailed information about these products is available on our product resource page Kennel Heating, click on the link to take you there.

Different Temperatures for Different Breeds

As an owner you need to be conscious as to the possible differences in your breeds capacity for hot and cold. If we took the extremes of an American hairless terrierAmerican Hairlessterrier 450or, the better known Chinese Crested both of these dogs could suffer tremendously in an outside kennel with no heating in the dead of winter.  Husky On Kennel 450CropThe Siberian Husky on the other hand would suffer greatly in very warm temperatures with no shade or cooling area but will happily cope in snow bound conditions into very low temperatures.

Thermometer In Snow

The Siberian Husky has a very dense double-coat and can withstand very cold temperatures. This thick coat also makes him very vulnerable to overheating in hot weather.

You (the Human) have to decide on the best conditions for your own breed of dog.

Seasonal Temperatures

Like humans’ dogs are affected by changes in the temperature. In the spring and summer, the weather may become very warm with much higher temperatures. During autumn and winter, the temperatures can plummet very quickly into bitterly cold weather. This is something you need to consider when it comes to maintaining the right temperature in the dog kennel.

Even in the spring, it can get quite chilly at night whereas it may be warm during the day. This will affect the natural temperature inside your dog kennel, which means you need that thermostat to keep the temperature between 10 and 26 degrees Centigrade.

Naturally, the season, weather conditions, and outdoor temperature can have a significant impact on the natural temperature inside the kennel.

You, therefore, need to ensure that you find the appropriate solution to keep the temperature stable throughout the year.

Do Night and Day Temperatures Need to Be Different?

The temperature of the dog kennel does not necessarily need to be different at night compared to the day, but you do need to find a balance in temperatures if you can maintaining that minimum of 10 degrees Celsius and a maximum 26 degrees Celsius dependent on your particular breed of dog.

However, you need to remember that the weather conditions outside can change quite quickly at the onset of nightfall.

Dog Sleeping 400

There are various devices that you can purchase to keep your dog kennel at the right temperature, whether this is through heating it up or cooling it down. It is important to ensure you choose high-quality devices that meet your countries safety standards to ensure your pet’s safety and security.

There are plenty of options available online, so you should have no problem finding the right product for your needs. However, with these types of products, making sure you do your research putting quality and safety above all else can be vital.

What Ventilation is Needed for a Kennel?

During the warmer months, your dog’s kennel can become very stuffy and warm, which can affect the dog’s health and its comfort levels. When you purchase a kennel for your pet, make sure you look at the integrated ventilation.

Some have ventilation slats all around the sides and some have sunroof style ventilation in the roof, which can be closed off during wet weather and left open in the dry and warmer weather.

If you plan to build your own dog kennel, make sure you factor ventilation into the design, as it is important to help maintain the right temperature and to ensure your pet gets fresh air while inside the kennel.

During the warmer weather, proper ventilation will ensure that plenty of fresh air circulates inside the dog kennel, which is important for your pet’s health and wellbeing. In the cooler seasons, proper ventilation will ensure your pet is able to stay warm with the heating devices you use but is still be able to benefit from getting air inside the kennel.

Adding A Run or Enclosure

There are many dog owners who have to leave their pet home alone during certain periods, such as when they are at work. If this is something you need to do, it is important you ensure your dog has a comfortable and safe environment to while away the time until you return. Making sure you provide your pet with a comfortable kennel and an enclosed run is an ideal way to create a suitable outdoor environment.

The option of adding a run or enclosure also allows the dog to self-regulate its own body temperature – If it feels its too hot inside the kennel it can go outside to cool off and similarly if it gets wet or cold outside it has a warm and comfortable environment to take itself to.

Kennel With Run 400

By providing your pet with a kennel that is within an enclosure or has a run added to it, you can ensure that it gets the best of both worlds. In addition to having the warmth and security of the kennel itself, in which you can maintain the optimal temperatures needed, your pet will also be able to enjoy fresh air and exercise within the enclosed pen. This means it won’t be forced to stay in the kennel all day and you won’t have to tether your dog either.

Things to consider for Heating Kennels

As you will see from our product pages above there are various options available if you want to ensure you have proper control of the temperature in your pet’s kennel.

Some of the key points to consider when you are choosing a heating source for your dog’s outdoor kennel include: –

• The correct heat/wattage
• The Quality
• The cost to buy
• The cost to run
• Consumer reviews
• Warranties
• The Manufacturer
• Adding a Run or Enclosure

The Wattage of a Heat Lamp

In general terms the higher the wattage the more heat the lamp is capable of producing. Buy one that is too small and the kennel will never be warm enough on a cold winters day. Too large and it will be too hot, which is why a thermostat addition is a must.

The Quality

It is very important to ensure you invest in quality when it comes to products such as this. Your dog’s safety is paramount, which is why you need a high-quality heating that meets British or US safety standards. A good quality lamp will usually have a wire guard, cheap ones don’t always have them which can lead to skin or hair burns or breakages if positioned incorrectly.

The Cost of the Product

For many people, the cost is a very important consideration, particularly for those on a tight budget. With a heat lamp you need to consider the extras that you may need to go with the heat lamp. Remember it cannot be stressed enough that you should never compromise on safety and quality simply to get the cheapest price, as this could prove to be dangerous.

The Cost of Running

Also associated with your budget is the cost of running the heat lamp. Many of these products can be inexpensive to run, which means that you won’t be paying out money hand over fist in order to keep your dog warm and comfortable. There are also options for lamp holders with good reflections which help reduce the costs of running heat lamps, you can get an idea of running costs online.

Consumer Reviews

Looking at online consumer reviews can make it easier for you to make an informed choice when purchasing a heat lamp for your dog kennel. By looking at reviews from other dog owners, you can find out more about the effectiveness, safety, ease of installation, and quality of the product. You can also gain more information about running costs and overall suitability by reading these reviews. Check out some of the Dog Forums as well as the online shopping sites. This makes it far easier for you to purchase with total confidence.

Warranty Offered

One more thing to check is whether you get a warranty with the heat source you are considering purchasing. This makes it easier to enjoy protection and peace of mind with this type of purchase, as any issues can be ironed out without delay. So, before you make your choice, check to see what sort of warranty is offered by the manufacturer.

The Manufacturer

You should also look at the manufacturer of the heat lamp to ensure it is a reputable one that you are confident purchasing from. If you are not familiar with the manufacturer, do some research online to find out more about their experience, expertise, and reputation within the industry.

Adding A Run

An important addition for your dogs well being for all weathers.


All of the above are important factors that you need to take into consideration when you are purchasing an outdoor kennel. You will find an excellent range of kennels, runs and heating products via online sites such as Amazon or Ebay, which makes it easier to find and purchase the ideal one for your needs and the needs of your pet.

Anyone that plans to leave their dog outdoors, whether for short or long periods, needs to ensure they provide the right environment. This means making sure your dog has shelter, a place to stretch its legs, and protection from the elements as well as the possibility of other animals that may gain entry to your garden.

Finding the right dog kennel for your pet is just part of the solution. Of course, making sure you find one that is comfortable, appropriately sized, made to high standards, and designed to withstand the elements are all important factors.
However, you also need to take the finer details into consideration as we discussed earlier, which includes making sure the kennel is maintained at the correct temperature and that it has suitable ventilation.

Fortunately, in today’s age of advanced technology, there are various options available for heating and cooling your dog’s kennel.

With proper heating and ventilation, you can easily ensure your pet’s kennel remains between the minimum and maximum temperatures recommended. In addition, you will be able to provide your pet with a comfortable and secure place where it can spend time when you are out of the home.

Adding a run or putting the dog kennel within an enclosure is another great idea, as it will provide many benefits for your pet. Not only will it provide extra security it also means that you won’t have to worry about your pet escaping by the time you get back home.

In addition, your dog can enjoy having plenty of room to sit outside within the enclosure during the warmer weather and it will be able to stretch its legs and exercise with ease.

Your dog will be happier and more relaxed, making life easier for you.

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