The Cairmal or The Malticairn Dog

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Origin: ~ Uncertain Possibly USA
Bred for: ~ Companionship Lap Dog
Height: ~ 10 to 13inches or 25 to 33cm
Weight: ~ 10 to 15lbs or 4.5 to 7kgs
Lifespan: ~ 12 to 14 years.

Coat: ~ Considered to be a Hypoallergenic double coated dog.
Colours: ~ Various from Black, White, Wheaten, Brindle, Cream and Red.
AKC Group – Not listed But is recognised by The Dog Registry of America (DRA) and the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

History of the Cairmal Dog

The Cairmal dog or the Malticairn as it is sometimes known is one of the new hybrid mix or cross breed dogs that has appeared on the dog scene recently in the last few years (decades). This is not a dog on the AKC list an is not likely to be for some time.

Cairmal Malticairn
The Cairmal or Malticairn Dog

The move away from purebred pedigrees has allowed for a wide gene pool to develop and can, (when done responsibly) have the potential to create healthy and happy dogs. This appears to be the case with this breed mix, however not all the mixes have the same genetic look which may be why the AKC has not accepted the breed as yet. Also it may be too early to tell if this remains a good healthy breed long term, but given the health of the two breeds that it emanates from it should be a good breed long term eventually.

The mix of breeds comes from the Cairn Terrier (Hence CAIR) and the Maltese dog (hence MAL) giving the name CAIRMAL.

Both breeds have good long stable breed history and both have good nature with happy dispositions

Cairn Terriers have the typical tenacity and plucky nature of most other Terriers and were originally bred to help control vermin and help hunt small prey.

Cairn Terrier
Cairn Terrier

The breed still has a high prey drive, which may be passed on to any offspring, including this hybrid cross mix.

The most famous Cairn Terrier was probably “Toto” from The Wizard of Oz, See this post here

Maltese dogs are well known as lap Dogs wanting to spend all day with their owners, they can suffer from separation anxiety and do not enjoy being left on their own.

The mix of these two breeds is an interesting one. If you want a fun stay at home dog then this is the one for you.

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