Brazilian Terrier – What sort of dog is it?

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This is one of the tallest long legged terriers standing at a height of 13 to 16 inches (33 to 41cms) and weighing in at just 15 to 22lbs (7 to 10kgs). A short coated terrier having a fine fur coat most often in twin or tri-colours consisting of white, tan and black or tan, blue and white. Other colours include shades of red and tawny mixed with black and or white.

Brazilian Terrier Tri Color
Tri-Colour Brazilian Terrier

With a triangular shaped head quite flat on the top between triangular shaped forward flopping ears. A fine jaw under a slender nose to a slim neck down to a long but broad neck for its size to a slim chest over long thin legs and long slender feet.

Although narrow the chest is deep under a straight back running to a narrow waist, occasionally you still find a docked tail but the tail should be straight out with a slight curve or wave, sticking up when excited.

The hips are narrow with well muscled top legs running down to long narrow legs with light slender rear feet.

Origin: ~ Brazil
Bred for: ~ Hunting, Family dog.
Coat: ~ Smooth, short.
Colour: ~ Tri-colour, Black and White, Brown and White.
Height: ~ 13 to 16 inches or 33 to 41cms.
Weight: ~ 15 to 22lbs or 7 to 10kgs.

Lifespan ~ 12 to 15 years.
AKC Group – Terrier Group.

Historic Origin of the Brazilian Terrier

There are several theories as to the origin of this dog but here at Top Lap Dogs we are convinced that the breed line involves the Jack Russell Terrier and also the Fox Terrier. These breeds were introduced to Brazil during the 1800’s and it is likely that they were cross bred with some previously introduced Portuguese Podengo’s and the Spanish Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz.

Brazilian Terrier 1

Whichever the true breed history of the Brazilian Terrier often referred to as the Fox Paulistinha, it is now considered to be native to Brazil and are an immensely popular dog in some areas of Brazil.

It has a very late acceptance by the Brazilian Kennel Club (1985) after many questions about its pedigree history, in 2021 it has still not been accepted by the AKC .

It is not well known outside of Brazil, but is popular both as a family house pet, very good at ratting, and also still used as a hunting dog.

Temperament and Character of the Brazilian Terrier

These dogs are fast, tenacious and very clever. They are good to train but early training is key as they have a strong prey drive and without good command this dog will run off after any thing it considers to be prey from rabbits to cats or birds.

Brazilian Terrier Up Tree
Happy hunting dogs with a high Prey Drive

With good training they are loyal dogs and enjoy being part of a pack or a family. They actually make very attentive dogs for children as they enjoy playful interaction because of the stimulus it involves.

Always alert and attentive they can have a tendency to bark or growl but this makes them very good guard dogs.

Life and Health

This dog will live for around 12 to 14 years and will not have a lot of health problems during this time.

Any generally listed problems with regard to eye and ear problems along with skin allergies tend injuries that are mostly to be related to those that are used for hunting purposes as opposed to those that are kept as house dogs.

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