The Irish Terrier, Wheaten, Red and other colors.

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The Irish Terrier is one of the raciest members of the Terrier Group, having a longer body and longer legs than any other Terrier. Occasionally has a wiry coat but some have a beautiful soft silky wavy fur coat that comes in Wheaten, Red Wheaten, Red and Golden Red.

Irish Terrier Wheaten
Wheaten Irish Terrier

A very popular hunting dog in the 19th Century. Lost its popularity around WW2 and is now rare, but slowly gaining popularity once again within Ireland and the USA.

Origin: ~ Ireland.
Bred for: ~ Hunting, Fox and Otter.
Colour: ~ Red, Golden Red, Red Wheaten or Wheaten.
Coat: ~ Hair is smooth and short.
Height: ~ 18 inches or 46cms.
Weight: ~ 25 to 27lbs or 11.3 to 12.3kgs.
Lifespan: ~ 12 to 15 years.
AKC Group – Terrier Group.

Irish Terrier
Red Coated Irish Terrier

History of the Irish Terrier

Early Irish terriers came in a variety of colours, such as black and tan, brindle and others, only near the end of the 19th Century did the solid red colours become a fixture of the breed.

Having been taken to America by people resettling there the breed became very popular. It was a dominant force in shows and showed its mettle during World War 1 by serving as a messenger and a sentinel. Although it remained very popular for a number of decades it is now one of the rarer terriers in the USA.

Temperament and Upkeep of the Irish Terrier

Irish Terriers are brash, bold, assertive, playful, inquisitive and independently strong willed. They are often aggressive towards other dogs and small animals, they tend to be reserved with strangers. Although they are very active outdoors and like to chase and explore they are usually well-mannered indoors.

These dogs do need a good walk or a rigorous play time daily. Their coat will need the occasional brushing and trimming, particularly around the beard, snout and feet.

These make great family dogs for those with energetic children or families that enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

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