What is a Chorkie?

  • By: Mick Whitefield
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Also known as a Yorkiechi this dog is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. As the picture shows below this dog is tiny and is a definitive Lap Dog. It is another of the modern Hybrid mixes and is not accepted by the AKC or the UK Kennel club, thus it is not a pedigree dog.

Origin: ~ Believed to be UK.
Bred for: ~ Companion Lap Dog.
Colour: ~ Various colours, usually a double or tri-colour.
Coat: ~ Soft or Mid-harsh, dependent upon the parents.
Height: ~ 6 to 9 inches or 15 to 23cms.
Weight: ~ 8 to 10lbs or 3.6 to 4.5kgs.
Lifespan: ~ Around 12 years.
AKC Group – Not Recognised.

Chorkie Personality Traits and Upkeep

This dog has a Cutesy wow factor, but be aware that the character traits and health concerns vary enormously.

The one we met here at Top Lap Dogs was exceedingly friendly, if a little shy and was very attached to its owner at all times, giving rise to a certain amount of separation anxiety.
There were no health issues at all. The owner had seen the parents and was unconcerned about any concerns for the future. However given the size of this dog she was wary of small children handling it, not because of the nature of the dog but because she was concerned over how rough the children might be when handling it.

Chorkie2 Original 2
A Chorkie Dog

Because of its size it could fit into a large handbag and would be a perfect companion for the senior citizens of this world.

Chorkies are intelligent and training them takes consistency along with positive encouragement, particularly when it comes to toilet training. This is possibly because both Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers can be difficult to house train, however the owner of this Chorkie, like many Chihuahua owners I have known, used a cat litter tray very successfully.

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If you have a quiet house or even an apartment without small children running around then this could be the perfect dog for you.

If you like a dog that wants to spend one on one contact time with you then find one and check out the parents if you can. If they appear healthy then take one home with you.

Remember though these are not pedigree dogs so do not pay a fortune for them, as such these could be a very cheap and easy to keep little bundle of fun and attraction.

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